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We provide secondary and tertiary private tutoring services for the greater Newcastle region in NSW, Australia.

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Your private tutor: Dr Tim Howard
Your tutor, Dr Tim Howard, is a fully qualified teacher with a PhD in physics

Dr Tim Howard was a professional research scientist for 15 years and has worked in Australia, the UK and the US in the field of space physics. He has taught at the secondary and tertiary levels over 20 years and is a fully qualified teacher accredited with the NSW Board of Studies and the NSW Department of Education to teach physics, chemistry and mathematics 7-12.

Dr Howard works as a casual physics, mathematics, and statistics lecturer, tutor and laboratory demonstrator at the University of Newcastle, and as a casual high school teacher in the Newcastle region.


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Mathematics: Your tutor will teach Mathematics up to first year university level, including HSC General, Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2. He is also available for some subjects at the 2nd year university level.

Physics: As a professional research physicist, your tutor is able to teach Physics at any level, from high school through 3rd year university.

Statistics: Your tutor teaches 1st and 2nd year statistics at university and can also do so at the high school level.

Chemistry: Your tutor will teach high school Chemistry and some first-year university subjects.


Each session is one hour. You can use it however you wish. For example:

  • You need a little maths and a little chemistry for one session, and a focused session on physics for another.
  • Your spouse, sibling, or friend needs some help.
  • A group of you would benefit from a series of group tutorials.
  • There’s an exam approaching and you need several sessions per week for a while.

Your tutor will travel to a location of your choosing at no extra charge.

Cost-Cutting Strategies

1. Purchasing bulk sessions saves on cost. For example, the Annual Package saves you $15 per session for a total saving of $360!

2. Group sessions are a good way to lower the cost per person down as well. Your tutor is happy to tutor any number of people in any given session. For example, a five-person group with the Full Semester Service comes out as $15 per person per session.

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Howard Tutoring understands that schedules change in today’s world. Flexibility is our specialty.

Your tutor can teach at any time, including evenings and weekends. Please contact us to check about available times.


Howard Tutoring serves Newcastle and the Hunter Valley Region

Howard Tutoring currently serves the greater Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas; from Anna Bay through Swansea on the coast, northeast Lake Macquarie, the western suburbs, to Maitland, Rutherford, Cessnock, etc. Other regions are negotiable; please contact us to inquire about areas not covered on the map. Your tutor will travel to any location of your choice at no extra charge.


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